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Fillings are a common dental restoration used to repair a small cavity or a chip in the tooth enamel. Dr. Richard Golden often uses fillings that are made of materials like gold, composite, amalgam, or dental porcelain. These materials are immune to the effects of tooth decay.

Unfortunately, it is still possible for poor oral hygiene practices to allow the bacteria in your mouth to weaken the surrounding tooth enamel and the bond that holds the filling.

Should bacteria manage to exploit the bond between the tooth enamel and the filling, it could form a significant new cavity in the tooth. In a situation like this, you might see a gray color develop in the tooth near the filling. If the filling is on the side of the tooth, it might have a noticeable change in texture.

To treat a tooth in this condition, Dr. Richard Golden might recommend a dental crown restoration. This will perfectly replicate the tooth enamel layer of the tooth using a material like porcelain, gold, or a metallic alloy.

The process starts by examining the tooth and taking some X-rays. It’s important to make sure the sensitive internal structures of the tooth are healthy. If new decay has compromised the pulp or root of the tooth, Dr. Richard Golden might need to perform a root canal.

Dr. Richard Golden will then numb the area with Novocain before removing all remaining tooth enamel. This leaves behind a small post called an abutment. This will eventually anchor your new crown.

Dr. Richard Golden will make a detailed impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. It will then be sent to our dental lab where your new crown will be created. Then, he will protect the abutment by securing a temporary crown over the abutment.

A member of our staff will call you to schedule the second appointment when your new crown is ready. We will then remove the temporary crown and cement your new crown into place.

If you live in the Detroit, Michigan, area and you suspect one of your fillings is going bad, you should call 313-371-9880 to have it treated at Dr. Golden Laser Dental.