You don’t need to fear receiving dental care because Dr. Richard Golden offers painless dentistry. The tools, services, and techniques we utilize at Dr. Golden Laser Dental can improve your smile’s health and do so comfortably. Patients who feel nervous about receiving dental care should call Dr. Golden Laser Dental today and ask about our painless dentistry in Detroit, Michigan.

Many people feel nervous about visiting a dental office because they fear that they will experience pain during their appointment. This dental phobia prevents many people from receiving the treatments they need to have a strong, healthy, beautiful smile for life. However, we offer painless dentistry at our practice so more patients can relax and feel confident in our dentist’s comfortable care.

At our office, we provide many tools and services that can make your visit as painless as possible. If you need a tooth extraction, we use Physics Forceps™ to pull them using principles of leverage rather than brute force. Our X-rays and other equipment allow us to provide more accurate care, so we can complete procedures with high precision and comfort. Our team also offers sedation dentistry so you can feel calm and relaxed as we treat your smile. Feel free to call our office if you experience dental phobia and want to benefit from our painless dentistry.