Tooth extractions no longer need to be painful, traumatic procedures because at Dr. Golden Laser Dental we have Physics Forceps™. Dr. Richard Golden uses principles of leverage and pressure when performing treatments with this tool, removing a tooth quickly and comfortably. Contact our dentist and team if you want to learn more about the benefits of Physics Forceps in Detroit, Michigan.

People often equate a tooth extraction to a painful procedure because many dental professionals use brute force to squeeze and twist the tooth out of its socket. This technique is not only extremely uncomfortable, but it can also damage the jaw. However, we use Physics Forceps at our office that can pull out a tooth more comfortably and in only a few minutes’ time. This tool causes minimal tissue damage and uses principals of leverage through the patented beak and bumper™ technique.

With Physics Forceps, we don’t need to use elevation and other techniques to extract a tooth. These forceps put constant pressure on the tooth, which sends out hyaluronidase acids that release the periodontal fibers that anchor the tooth to the jawbone. Once this process is complete, we can easily remove the tooth from your mouth. Call our office today to learn more about how we can extract a tooth quickly, painlessly, and with minimal damage by using Physics Forceps.