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While tooth enamel is very hard, there are still situations when a tooth can suffer a fracture. This is even more likely to occur if you have a habit of chewing on foreign objects or using your teeth as tools. Even if a fractured tooth doesn’t cause heightened sensitivity, you should still seek treatment and repair to prevent a new area of tooth decay from forming in the compromised area.

In some cases, a small fracture can sometimes be repaired with a basic filling. If the fracture is significant but the interior of the tooth is healthy, Dr. Richard Golden might recommend replacing the tooth enamel with a dental crown.

In some cases, the fracture can be so severe that it damages the critical interior structures of the tooth. The most common symptoms of this include a persistent ache, sharp pain, or excessive sensitivity. In a case like this, your dentist might need to perform a root canal.

In an extreme case, the damage caused by a fracture could be so severe that Dr. Richard Golden might need to extract the tooth. This will reduce the pain and prevent infection. Later, he can help you decide if you would like to replace the tooth with a dental bridge or a dental implant.

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