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What sort of adventures can you start with your dentures? Dentures by definition are alternative tooth replacements designed to fill in gaps in your mouth caused by missing or lost teeth. Although dentures can be customized to each individual patient’s needs, they are often closely matched to the look and function of each patient’s teeth. With dentures, the functionality of a full smile can be greatly restored.

With dentures, a person’s facial structure can be restored. Oftentimes, with lost or missing teeth, a person’s jawbone will sink in and cause their whole face to appear sunken in. This can make you look older and weaker. However, by filling in the areas caused by missing teeth, your full smile and facial structure can return once more.

Dentures are most commonly known for their ability to be removed. They are easy to clean as they can be removed every night to soak in a solution. However, because dentures are often removable, they can easily be damaged in transit so extreme caution should always be used when handling them.

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